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Mixing and Mastering Aggressive Music

Taking your creative vision and bringing it to life 

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A collection of Recordings, Mixes, and Masters

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You have worked hard on the recording and production of your music, and now all you need is someone to help you put it all together so that it crushes wherever you listen to it. I will give your music the care it deserves so that it is ready for mastering.

Whether you mixed it, or you had us mix it, you need the song to hit a certain way when it gets released. I take that mix and put in the work to be sure it will hit through the speakers the way you want it to.

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Mobile Producer

You have a bunch of songs, but you don't have the resources to get the result you want in tracking. That's ok! I have everything you need here at the studio, and I will help you get the songs to come out the way you envision.

Can't come to me? I can come to you if you have the space for us to do the work in!

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Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me?


Hi! I’m Nate. I have been working within the Alberta music scene for over a decade as a songwriter, live sound tech, producer, and audio engineer. Throughout those years I have learned a lot about the industry and have learned a very crucial thing about an artist's release.


That is that mixing and mastering are the final steps in the process of making your music sound amazing


  • It can be the difference between looking back on the project with pride in a few years and looking at it with regret

  • It can be the difference between getting heard and placed on a bunch of playlists or getting ignored

  • It can be the difference between getting better show opportunities or playing the same local venue to the same 15 people


There are thousands of new bands releasing music online every day. No one wants to add another unpolished song mix to the pile.

  • Want to be proud of your work?

  • Want to stand out?

  • Want to have people actually take your music seriously?


Let me know about your project by hitting the button below, and let's see if we’re right for each other  

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GreenBones -

Fractured Wisdom

No Hope For The Lost -
The Pilgrimage

GreenBones are a Grunge/Alt Rock band from Lethbridge AB. Over the winter of 2019 this 3 piece came down to record a 5 track EP. We worked on this ep throughout the winter, and they released it on June 21st 2019 on all Streaming Platforms 

Alternative Waves is a music festival in Medicine Hat, AB that focuses on showcasing a wide variety of underground artists. I am a

Co-Founder of the festival, and the tech for the 2nd stage. I have always wanted to create a live compilation of wicked unground artists, and now that is something I am aiming to create yearly. This compilation features artists like FALL OF EARTH, VIBES, BALROGATH, CRIMSON CALIBER, RISING SUN, DOUGIE, and many more

No Hope For The Lost is a project formed and led by musician and audio engineer Nathanael Bohnet. Ran out of Octave Studios in Medicine Hat, Alberta, No Hope For The Lost was formed as Deadlights originally in 2018. After releasing one EP and having Covid-19 cancel all plans for festival appearances and touring, Nathanael and bandmate/producer Re Mayer decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. Thus, No Hope for the Lost was born.

No Hope For The Lost - The Pilgrimage EP

GreenBones - Death From Below
Official Music Video

NHFTL is the band I am a part of. Throughout the pandemic, my bandmate and I spent a lot of time focusing on how to create the best sounding ep we could. We recorded this in the summer of 2020, and released it in the spring of 2021. The EP managed to break 50000 streams in under 4 months and is still getting good exposer and reviews online.

Invicta Heights is a curious blend of southern metal and metalcore, scratching itches you didn’t even know you had. They are releasing their debut EP “Convalescence” this month and at the same time, lyric videos for each of the four tracks “Bad Habit”, “Creature”, “Anxious” and “Crooked Table”. The record is a whirlwind of emotions, with lyrics focusing on mental health, personal struggles, and addiction. We worked on this EP together throughout 2020-early 2022

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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