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Writing Guitar and Programming Drums in Reaper

(Published on March 14th, 2019)

Last week I showed you how to get a DAW setup, we set up a new project in reaper and we figured out how to get everything ready to go. But what do you do now? How do you go about making ideas, writing riffs, and figuring out drums parts in Reaper? That is what I am going to show you in this video.

If you have not watched episode 12, I would advise checking it out first before diving into this episode. Unless you already know how to run your DAW, in which case go hard and enjoy


Episode 12: 


Get your cheap gear list and links from the previous video

Tips And Tricks 2




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I have been involved with music for the majority of my life. I started out as a student of guitar and drums before I expanded my repertoire to performing on stages. I very quickly also took up providing live sound, mixing, and recording services. I also work on producing heavy alternative bands. With a vast range of experience working with multiple different styles of music, I have a passion for making sure underground artists are able to provide their fans with the quality of music they deserve. I focus on making sure that the creation you hear in your head is captured and brought to life in the way you envisioned.

The goal is to provide premium mixes and masters that allow you to showcase your art to the world and to provide amazing live videos that capture your raw energy.





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